Recognize the signs of mold

Mold tends to grow in dark, damp places, so it can be hard to spot with the naked eye. You may need to schedule mold removal services if you notice...

  • White or black spots on your walls
  • Decaying wood around your windows
  • Rotten floorboards around pipes
Contact us right away for mold remediation services if you notice any of these signs.

Total Mold Removel & Clean-Up In West Chester Township, Hamilton, Dayton & Cincinnati, OH

If your home or business is affected by mold, you have to act quickly to deal with it effectively. It only takes a bit of moisture to allow mold to get a foothold and then it propagates rapidly. If it's not acted upon swiftly, the health threat it poses to your family and customers will increase as the mold does. At A1 Restoration, we act quickly to provide total mold clean up in West Chester Township, OH.

Top To Bottom Service

We thoroughly remediate any mold in your home or commercial property and clean it from top to bottom, including all the ductwork. Our team tracks down the source of the moisture, which leads to the mold in the first place, and we make sure that's resolved before moving on to our remediation. It makes no sense to clean and remediate the area without ensuring that the situation doesn't recur.

Once the source of the moisture is dealt with, we use our safe and proven methods to rehabilitate the entire area with a combination of removal of material, drying, cleaning, sanitizing, and renewal. If you're facing mold, call our crew to deal with it for you.

Call us now to deal with all your mold issues. We proudly serve West Chester Township, Hamilton, Dayton & Cincinnati, OH plus the surrounding areas.